General William Booth Enters into Heaven (Olmec Remix)

Strange happenings in Poughkeepsie, NY. Been without laptop for about a month now, following that tragic spill. I've gotta say, after that first-week-hump it's pretty smooth sailing. I've been working more in the library's media lab, bringing myself around Logic/Reason way more than usual. Here's what's come out of it. This is a production for a gallery show coming up highlighting student sound art at Vassar. The idea is to remix a poem, a concept I stole from DJ Spooky after reading the "Sound Unbound" anthology he edited. So I found this reading by Ginsberg (written by Vachel Lindsay) and time-stretched it into oblivion before slapping it on top of a simple little dubstep riff. Nothing special from a sonic point of view but his creepy acid-head voice definitely adds some sort of spice. Clearly, I'm not about to quit my day job or anything. But still, it was good to get my hands dirty in some real production.

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