Acoustic space: the space we hear rather than see. Multidimensional, resonant, tactile, immersive and emphasizing temporal structure over the linearity of vision. Unlike a painting, photograph, opera, ballet or film, acoustic space is something to be plumbed physically. You can't see it through a glass wall. You can't be the passive audience member. Your very skin vibrates with each passing wave, redirecting it to create something entirely new. You become the vibration itself. The audience doesn't just bring a filter, it becomes the very composition.

...alright enough bullshit. Listen to this little soundscape I mashed up in Audacity and see if you can't step inside that grungy Caribbean shanty town:

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John Holdun said...

If you started composing sound collages I wouldn’t mind at all.

Check out Ken’s Last Ever Radio Extravaganza if you haven’t seen it already: