From the Dead...

Freshman Mini-Mix

Justice - Stress (Auto Remix) w/ Luda - Stand Up
Madonna - 4 Minutes (Bob Sinclar Space Funk Mix)
Estelle - American Boy (Stockholm Syndrome Mix)
Justice - DANCE (mstrkrft mix)
A-track - Stronger
Mia vs. Ocelot - Our Boyz

Mini-mixes are the shit. New tip named Paper Route Gangstaz from Diplo and Benzi just dropped - Excellent. It definitely takes a unique talent to condense songs into such a short composition. For this one, I tried to keep everything 1:30, including transitions. A little disappointed that I could only fit 6 tracks in, but realistically that was the ceiling. El Presidente requested this mix to provide a bit of ambiance prior to an event he's throwing. I'm not really sure if this is what Joey had in mind but I think it's pretty aight. All the remixes are from this year so it's got that little theme going for it as well. Headbang to this shet. Reflective meta-post up soon....

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put ludacris in everything you do