Coldcut - Colors of The Soul Vs. Lil' Wayne - Fireman

Welcome Mads readers! Today I'm serving up a track I'm especially fond of. Instrumentals courtesy of a fine English trip hop duo you may not have heard of, Coldcut. And of course, that's none other than lil weezy himself on the vox. It's hard not to respect Lil' Wayne, despite him fitting the "self-obsessed hip-hop twerp" stereotype quite perfectly. Nevertheless, he's probably the post prolific rapper out there, spitting out quality mixtapes left and right. I'm working with Back on My Grizzy, another Weezy track, for my next set and it's another mindbender. Just listen to this beat and tell me you don't wanna break something.

Take it easy people, and check out my back-catalog if you haven't already!

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