Throw Some Funk on Dat Bitch

Daft Punk - Da Funk (Casino Inc) Vs. T.I. - Throw Some D's

I've had these two tracks matched up in my set for a while and finally decided to render them out together. This Da Funk remix is one of the best I've heard - walks the house/disco line with precision. Match that up with TIs drawly flow and you've got a hit. TI isn't your typical pop rapper...or maybe he is; I don't really listen to a lot of TI. One thing's for sure though - Top Back and Throw Some D's are both legit bangers. His choppy flow in the middle of this a capella fits well over the breakdown in the instrumental. It's a shame he insists on keeping his songs locked below 80bpm, but I guess that's a matter of taste. Go go gadget Ableton!

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