2 Million Wamps

Cmos - 2 Million Ways Vs. Clipse - Wamp Wamp

So here's your classic disco house track, spiced up with a dash of the hottest rapper out of VA since....ever. Clipse blows my mind. I definitely want to start working with their vocals more, maybe trill or keys open doors. DJ Benzi has an entire mixtape out devoted to them but I haven't been able to snag it yet. If anyone out there has this, hit me up! This is an example of a track I don't really see a need to pre-render. I keep the a capella and instrumental separate in Ableton and sync them in real time - easy enough. The payoff of this risk is being able to manipulate or isolate each as I go. Definitely a crowd pleasing move.

wamp wamp, bitches.

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