Refused - New Noise Vs. Justice - Waters of Nazareth W/ Lil' John, Pase Rock

This track holds a special place in my heart. First, lets get everything out on the table. This shit is heavily inspired by Steve Aoki's Pillowface intro. I've spliced my own Nazareth mashup into the mix, but the bread of this sandwich essentially mirrors the first two tracks of his mix. Alright so the first (and last) time I played this it absolutely bombed. I saw kids who honestly did not know how to react. Given how drunk they all were, this level of indecisiveness is really unprecedented. I love the flow of this track, and love mixing in the unexpected. But, after I was told that the song sucks dick by a flamboyant party goer, I decided to put this one aside. So, here it is, extra rare and only heard by the public once before.

All yours!

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