Whitney Houston - I Wanna Dance With Somebody Vs. Stanton Warriors - Gyromancer

Alright this one's a mess. Forget what I said earlier, this was my first Live experiment. Whitney shows off her pipes on this track, one of the first acapellas in my library. At this point I was still learning to use effects, just barely experimenting with pingpong delay and EQ3. I put a ton of time into this, it's just too bad that it was doomed to be off key and muddled from the beginning. Definitely and educational venture though...

Learn by doing.


Anonymous said...

is that guy drinking jim bean in a can. Whoever invented a single serving of 8 oz of whiskey was on his A-game that day.

Nick said...

Yeah dude the Aussies know how to do it up right. It's a whiskey/coke thang.